How To Resolve Issues Related To Not Delivered Transactions On Menbills

Did you make a transaction on Menbills and it wasn’t credited?

I’m glad to tell you that this article has you covered.

In this article, I will be discussing how to resolve issues with transactions that are not delivered.


Internet Data.

Note that no network is 100% stable, and that transactions perform on Menbills might be stated. Successful are subjected to poor connection, service, and downtimes from the network providers.

After performing an internet data transaction and the status on the receipt states “success“, if the receiver doesn’t get sms at aleast 15 minutes, he or she should simply use a code to check their data balance.

Note that for MTN SME, MTN CG, and Airtel Educational Data, we provide a delivery proof on the final receipt.

The proof is directly from the network provider, and if it states that the transaction was credited to the line, it was credited. If the transaction is claimed not to have been received, the receiver (the sole owner of the phone number) will have to call the customer care department of the network (MTN or Airtel) to report the issue.

Example of a successful delivery proof: “Dear Customer, You have successfully shared 1 GB of data with 2348036759XXX. Your SME data balance is 16428.61 GB and expires on March 9, 2023. Thank you”


“Dear Customer, You have gifted 1024MB; please dial *312*4*7*5# to check your balance. Thankyou.”


“You have successfully gifted 2349027599XXX with 2 GB of data valid till 12/31/2022 12:00:00 PM.”

If the delivery proof on the receipt states otherwise, simply forward the screenshot of the receipt to our support for it to be reviewed.

If we discover that it was not delivered, your money will be refunded accordingly.


Airtime Top-ups

To resolve issues with not receiving airtime, use the code to check your airtime balance if the error persists after at least 15 minutes of performing the transaction and status of the receipt states “Success”.

Kindly screenshot the receipt copy of the affected number and then forward it to our customer support for review.


Educational Result Checkers

Note that when a result checker PIN is purchased on Menbills, on the final receipt the code is meant to appear.

If no code appears on the final receipt after confirming payment, please forward the receipt of such a transaction to our customer support to get a refund.


TV Subscriptions

As for TV Subscription, after confirming payment and it stating it was successful, the channels subscribed for are expected to start displaying.

After a few transactions, if all events are the same, kindly troubleshoot (restart your decoder) and wait for it to load up all your channels.

If, after restarting your decoder, the channels are still locked, kindly forward the screenshot of the receipt to our customer support for review.

Electricity Payments

After confirming payment for either postpaid meter or prepaid meter bills, the token to activate the unit purchased for the meter is meant to automatically appear on the final receipt. This token is the value meant to be entered into the meter.

If this code doesn’t appear, kindly forward the screenshot of the receipt to the customer support team at Menbills to get a refund.

Thank you for reading, I hope this write-up was helpful? For further assistance kindly send us a mail at


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