Benefits of using Menbills and how to generate over 40,000 Monthly

In this write-up, I will take the time to explain the benefits of using Menbills as well as how you can make money using Menbills.


Part B: for personal use

You can use Menbills for the purpose of buying internet data and paying other bills as a consumer without reselling our services.

You get a chance to save more on bills payment.

Buying data at cheaper rates, airtime with at least 2% discount, and enjoying discounts on electricity bills as well as TV subscriptions.

From the comfort of your home, you can pay for your electric bills. You don’t need to go through the stress of standing in long lines.

You are free to recharge for your friends, family, and other loved ones.

With Menbills, you get a chance to save more and reduce your expenses.



Part A: for business purposes

Reselling Menbills Services

One of the fastest ways to make money through Menbills is by reselling its digital products.

For those that own a store or are in the POS business, you can boost your income by selling cheap data, reselling airtime, or assisting people to pay bills (TV subscriptions, electricity bills).

You can simply set up a bill payment office and start reselling our services!

If you don’t have a store, you can start promoting yourself online via your WhatsApp status and other social media handles by making posts or running advertisements to create awareness that you sell internet data and offer other services.

There are users who currently claim to earn over 40,000 monthly as profit by reselling our services!. You can be better! The sky is wide for everyone to fly!

Cheap Data

On Menbills, you can purchase internet data for any telephone number as long as you have money in your Menbills account.

Every internet data plan has a price, irrespective of the network. Therefore, you can determine the amount you want to resell them for.


…Quick Example…

As of the time of this writeup, the current price of MTN SME data on Menbills for a 1 GB plan is #220.

If a friend or client needs data, you can tell them you are selling it at #300. When they pay you #300, they are to provide you with the telephone number to which the internet data is to be credited.

Simply copy the number and make a purchase at that number. The internet data will be credited automatically.

You will be charged #220 from the money in your wallet, making you earn a total of #80 as profit forĀ  sales.

If you are able to sell about 10 GB per day to different people, You can generate about #800 per day in profit.

As for Airtel data, you can sell a gigabyte for about #400 or #450. #400 – #280 is #120; selling just 5 GB in 24 hours makes you earn #600.

…end of example…


If you have a large number of customers in your physical location or online, you would be able to earn a large sum of money monthly.

Note that you are the one to determine the price you wish to sell at, whether lower or higher. Most people without clients tend to sell less while starting to gain customers.

Quick trick to boost sales: You can give your clients bundle deals; for example, you can decide to sell 10 GB for #2600 for a day or week instead of #3000. As a rational customer, they will be willing to go for a higher package and save more money. You would earn more as well as gain more customers when they refer their friends to patronize you. smart move, isn’t it!?

You can also resell airtime and enjoy the purchase discounts that Menbills offers. Note that selling airtime is not as profitable compared to selling internet data!


Electricity Payments

As for electricity payments, the best way to make profit from this is through “charges-to-profit.”

You can set your charges as #50, #100, or more whenever you help customers pay for their meter bills. (Just as the way POS businesses work! Some charge #20 for every #1000 withdrawn through them.

The client is to provide you with their meter number, the type of meter (postpaid or prepaid), and the amount of electric unit they want to acquire.

After getting the required details, you can proceed to make the purchase on Menbill’s platform.

After confirming payment, a token PIN will appear on the final receipt. The token is to be provided to the client so that he or she can enter it into the meter to activate the purchased unit!


TV Subscriptions (Gotv, DStv, StarTimes)

Just like with electricity payments, you can set a particular amount as your charge whenever you help people make subscriptions for their TVs.

Get the required details from the client and confirm payment.

After a successful transaction, the plan purchased will be automatically activated on the decoder.


Result Checker pins

You can set your price for result checker pins.

After purchasing a result checker PIN, the PIN will appear on the final receipt.

The PIN is to be provided to your client, and he or she can proceed to use it to check his or her examination result via the official portal of the Examination Board.


Using Menbills Referral Program


For Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you can monetize your blog with Menbills web ads.

Our ads are easy to understand and very effective. It is compatible with our ads (AdSense, Ezoic, etc.). It can easily be resized to perfect your website’s appearance (footer, body, or as a header ad).

You can simply register for a Menbills account and get the HTML code to place on your website. The banners are configured from our platform, and when placed on a spot, they display random banners we set from time to time!

When a visitor or user of your website sees the ad, click on it if they are interested and get signed up on Menbills. Every time they perform transactions, you would earn an allotment amount set for the service they purchase. The amount will be added to your earning account on Menbills.

Money earned in your account can be simply withdrawn into your provided Nigerian bank account at your request or automatically transferred into your wallet for the purpose of making transactions on Menbills.

The amount to earn per each service can be viewed in the REFER & EARN section on Menbills.

Who doesn’t need cheap data? Why wouldn’t they be interested in signing up?

Imagine the amount of traffic you get per day on your blog and the amount you can generate monthly!


Affiliate Marketers OR Bosses

You might not have the time to be reselling our services. Maybe you are the shy type or don’t just like it. But you still use this method to earn a steady income, Menbills.


After registering an account on Menbills, every user gets a referral link and code, which they can share with friends and other people to encourage them to sign up on Menbills.

After registration, the sole referrer will earn a certain amount allocated to the services the referred users successfully purchase.


Do you have a ready audience (a lot of followers on your social media handles)? Why not tell them about menbills?

Are you into making money through course sales? Why not add Menbills to the course content?

Are you a leader for youth? Why not empower them with menbills?

Do you work for an organization that buys any of the services Menbills offers in bulk? Why not inform your bosses?

Start today! I hope to see you smiling like me!

Thank you for reading. I hope you find the write-up helpful!


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