How to achieve your dream when you have a business idea but no capital

How to achieve your dream when you have a business idea but have less or zero capital

A lot of people have business ideas worth millions of dollars, but the setback they face is how to raise capital or funds to finance the project. Along the line, they tend to abandon the project because of a lack of funds and sponsorship. While thinking about this challenge, I thought sharing the way I, people around me, and companies I read about were able to fund their business ideas would be of great help to other upcoming entrepreneurs.

I noticed that many individuals have the mindset to start their business on a large scale, so they are after huge capital. The inability to raise the estimated amount led them to abandon the project. In my experience, instead of attempting to raise a large sum of capital to begin on a large scale, they should instead set up the business with the little capital they are able to raise and then consider expanding the business later in the future.

Many of the big establishments and enterprises that are around today started small years ago and kept on expanding to the point where they are now. The founders had to do tasks manually, improvise, find cheap alternatives to their business needs, and cut down on their expenses. Using a retail business as an example, a retailer can start with 10 products, save up his or her profit, and then increase the number of products he or she sells to 15. By and by, the retailer will keep on expanding the business and later become a wholesaler. You need to learn to exercise patience, trust the process, believe in yourself, not give up, and invest right.

The phrase “start small” also implies that you should reduce your operating costs and look for less expensive ways to achieve your goal.

Another way to raise money is by getting a job. A developer whose dream is to create a software, app, or website would need money to purchase hosting, domain, and gadgets, as well as run advertisements to raise awareness. This process is almost as small as with other types of business. If you have tried to raise funds through other means but it is not working, then why not get a job? Why not start freelancing?

Although the jobs you are offered may pay a low salary, why not accept the offer and save a portion of it each month till you are able to accumulate your start-up capital? In addition, while you are attempting to accumulate your estimated capital, you can invest a portion of your savings into other times to generate multiple streams of income.

As a free-lancer, you can offer different services online in relation to the skills you have and what you are good at. For example, data entry, copywriting, blog content creation, WordPress development, coding, app development, and logo designing pay well.

Although it’s risky to fund a business with a loan, if you feel your idea is wonderful and would work, then why not give it a try? Before taking a loan, there are some things I would like you to do and avoid. Below, I will point them out.

Before you take any loan, either from an individual or an organization, make sure you read and fully understand the terms and conditions before you accept the offer or sign any papers.

Avoid using assets that are essential as collateral. If you have just one house, it is not advisable that you use it as collateral. If you are unable to pay back your loan before the deadline, your house might be ceased by the bank, which would render you homeless. Therefore, you should use other things that you can afford to lose as your collateral.

Avoid taking loans with high interest rates. Instead, go for long-term loans. It is better to look for loans that you are allowed to pay off after a year rather than pay monthly. When you take such loans, you will have enough time to invest and watch your business grow rather than be under pressure and start looking for money to double.

Furthermore, to raise more capital, you can set up your business as a partnership business.

“A partnership is an unincorporated business organization that is usually formed by a group of people ranging from two to twenty who have similar economic interests, get into a legal agreement, and agree to run a business together as well as share the risk and profit of the business.”

Instead of raising the capital alone, why not start your business as a partnership? Look for people with similar interests and share your ideas with them. Then work together as a team, investing money, time, and ideas to achieve your goals.

You would also create a profit and a risky sharing pattern for all your partners.

Moreover, you should inform your friends and family members about your idea. Since they are closer to you, they should be able to donate and contribute towards the setting up. You can also seek funds, support, and sponsorship from them. Another smart move to raise money to finance your business is to raise funds online. Many people have been able to set up their businesses with the money they were able to generate from fundraising.

You should create your own portfolio and join different fundraising websites on the internet. There are a lot of cheerful givers who are willing to sponsor people who have ideas but are less privileged. Therefore, seize this opportunity and achieve your goals.

Additionally, look for investors or sell your business idea. To raise money to fund your business, you should write a business proposal to firms or rich people in your community for sponsorship, grants, or to invest in your business. You can visit their offices with letters or reach them via their provided contact details. Organizations or rich people might be willing to offer you grants rather than invest as partners. You can share your new business online via different platforms to create awareness and attract investors.

When starting up a business, you should be ready to invest time and money to see your business grow.


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